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so why don't people bitch when a $220 u.s. tm gun sells in canada for $450+? don't forget about the cost of doing business in this country. when you order an item personally, you only pay exchange, freight and gst. when you are a business, you pay exchange, duty ( i think it's %30 or something for taiwan based on the exchanged price which varies), freight and gst. then the business is going to want to turn a profit to justify itself, but trust me a $500 tm will cost the retailer $400+ to land it here. so why should anyone be shocked that a $110-$120 u.s. aeg would not sell for double in canadian dollars? you could always order it yourself and save on duty and mark-up, but i think we all know what that will get you. and syphen, i'm sorry if you think i'm pimping those guys out. that's your opinion, but for those who want the utg alternative, it's also my opinion to point out a viable option.
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