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Originally Posted by Bob the Angry Potato
Ever since I started playing Airsoft, I never got into gas guns. Everything's always been electric for me, but due to peer pressure and springers failing severely, I decided to buy one.

I found a decent-looking Gas Blow Back pistol, the KJ Works P99 (and even better, the HFC M190). However, after extensive searching and asking around, no one had ever reviewed this pistol.

I only have a few things to ask,
-The Approximate Velocity
-Does it have Slide/Hammer lock?
-Would it work with propane?
-How does it hold out?

If anyone has this pistol, or has ever used one that hasn't been put under the abuse of a repeated rental (I made that mistake with a FA-MAS F1. The actual new, unabused gun itself is amazing), please fill me in.

i own the HFC m190 Special Forces (all metal) and i have had no problem with the gun. i love it. but i really havn't had a chance to use it in action yet. but any way here is a review i found while looking for more mags for it. hope it helps, BTW: the gun in the pictures is old thats why it's all beat up.

M190 Complete Review
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