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Originally Posted by MadMax
Where did you read about the combustion system? I'd love to get more details on this marker. It would certainly explain how they surmounted the combustion issues. I couldn't beat my problem with a reasonably sized chamber. I had to go with bigass can about the same size in the PEP if I were to keep things at a starting pressure of 1atm. I can see how they could promise consistent performance with temperature if they went with combustion. forums had a discussion there, and not all of them are speedball types there.

And also, you already found it MadMax, from examining the blown out diagram from the manual. They kinda gloss over the use of combustion in it too. It's not really a point they emphasize.

From my feel of the issue, it really does open up an opportunity for people who can't get co2/air fills (read: stuck outside of major metro areas in the US) or play in cold weather, where CO2 paintballing faces the same issues as GBB performance.

Also I'm wary of how "warm" the receiver would get rapidfiring the thing. I'm sure the first thing someone's going to try to do is to mod it to fire semi-auto.
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