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As for our budget, we had planned expenses, but we're paying the film from our pocket money and my two chums got mugged. 800 bucks grew little wings. Goodbye film budget...
As for shooting downtown, I'm used with the Bureau of cinema and their proceedings. We won't need any streets closed and we're not any close to some touristy place and we're not shooting long enough. I'm not even sure if we'll be using spots at all. It should be okay.

Poncho : I don't mind mean realistic advice, I can be that sort of asshole sometimes myself . As for volounteers, nobody's paid on our set and we're making it. We have 2 professionnal actors giving 40 to 50 hours free for the two main roles. Films are fun man! You should try it sometime!

Polo: Thanks for volounteering! I'll PM you to check it all out!

If anyone else wants to volounteer, we'll be happy to receive you!
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