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Originally Posted by DonP
A grand total of 3$ + GST has bought some potential fun added to small games.

1. Two "personal alarms" at 1$ each (these are the loud little alarm things that go off when you pull out a little key from the small unit).

2. One roll of green wire (used for plant arrangements)

Optionally spray paint the two personal alarms black or OD (to make them tactical of course!).

The ones I got have nice little rings on each end (the "anchor" end, and the "pull" end) which makes them easy to attach to things.

The wire is tripwire. Attach it to the key part, and attach (or wedge) the alarm to something else.

Bingo! Instant tripwire alarms/mines. Since we use our imagination in Airsoft, you can pretend they are explosive. Anyone setting off the alarm is dead (or just use it as an alarm).

Not bad for 3 bucks. 4 if you buy extra batteries.
Recon of Wolfpack turned me on to these. I bought a couple and experimented with it inside of a tennis ball, to be used as a distraction device, unfortunately the sound was too muffled to be effective. I'm currently working on a similar idea, but using two of them mounted inside a small tin can with holes drilled in it, painted OD, of course, and actuated by a hair trigger, springy mechanism(as yet to be determined), so it resounds on impact. It wouldn't be to kill anyone, just to annoy and distract someone in a room or bunker. I'm going to take one apart and see if I can crank up the decibel level a tad with a 9v battery.

The dollar store I was at also had window alarms similar to these personal alarms. They come in two pieces, one is mounted to the window frame and the other to the window. When separated, it starts wailing. I haven't come up with an idea for this one yet.

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