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Dollar Store Airsoft gadgetry

A grand total of 3$ + GST has bought some potential fun added to small games.

1. Two "personal alarms" at 1$ each (these are the loud little alarm things that go off when you pull out a little key from the small unit).

2. One roll of green wire (used for plant arrangements)

Optionally spray paint the two personal alarms black or OD (to make them tactical of course!).

The ones I got have nice little rings on each end (the "anchor" end, and the "pull" end) which makes them easy to attach to things.

The wire is tripwire. Attach it to the key part, and attach (or wedge) the alarm to something else.

Bingo! Instant tripwire alarms/mines. Since we use our imagination in Airsoft, you can pretend they are explosive. Anyone setting off the alarm is dead (or just use it as an alarm).

Not bad for 3 bucks. 4 if you buy extra batteries.
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