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Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Originally Posted by The KoNE
Mad Morbius : We have 200$ budget and it's already triple blown. We can't afford any more expenses.
So don't you usually budget BEFORE you start filming? That way you don't hit a brick wall like you are now. Good thing there are plenty of 'CHUMPS' who've kicked their ass to save up the $1500 worth of Airsoft who are willing to just offer it up in the name of film. For doughnuts!

OH NOES - Teh Poncho said his piece MEAN! Even tho it's totally relevant, totally realistic, and is likely what everyone else is thinking - he was MEAN!
Get ready for that canned response where how I am pinned and slapped verbally for being so RUDE with my REALISTIC opinion, likely in a lengthy paragraph of how offset, damaging and unappreciative it was.

I got a canned response to that! "Fu....." - oh wait, not yet...'re such a prick Poncho!!!! Next time your here on a road trip, I'm taking pictures and sending them to your wife.
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