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they carry everything. from the $29 springer to a $2500 minimi m249. i've bought all my guns there and never had an issue with price or service. and no his prices aren't errors. there is nowhere in canada that has better advertised prices on ics than they do. i haven't seen anyone else sell a full metal ics m4 for what other guys charge for a tm m4. but price isn't everything. the retailer not only has to have a good price, but have the item in-stock and ready to ship. i had an issue with one of my gbb's recently, and the gun had no wear on it and they just replaced it. i could have repaired myself, but why bother when i can get good service. a retailer who carries cheap guns does not necessarily become a crappy merchant. not all gun sales can be at high profits, unless you like giving your money to someone else when you don't need to. it doesn't hurt either when you can go to retailer that has 30 different aeg's in stock.
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