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Originally Posted by Goldman
See your stating two differnt things, one thing says you'll only leave a negative if you have to chase the seller, and your also saying a negative if it dosent arrive within the stated time, which is it?

Both... If I have to chase you to get you to send my item to me.. Negative.
If you say it will be here in a week and it takes 3 because you never shipped it until a week after it should have been there.. and you never bothered to inform me about the delay, Negative.

If you have to delay..and let me know in a timely manner, and it arrives within a day or so of when you said.. that is in my opinion a good deal, and worthy of a positive.

You delay 2 times... give weak excuses.. but keep me informed.. Neutral

You delay, and delay.. and delay... and I start to wonder if you even have the item... the excuses are weak.. and I start to think.. hmm maybe I've been ripped off, you get negative.

As far as having items ready to go... what I mean by that is you should be able to package it up and send it within a day or so... bacause you have the item in your possession... It is not "at my brother's place.. and my car broke down last week so its going to be a while until I can get my hands on the item to send it to you".

If that is the case.. the buyer should know going in.. before he spends his money,

Again.. it's about meeting the expectations that you set in your client.
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