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Not what I said

The attitude,, is

I paid.. I expect it when **you** said you would send it.. It is not at all about how fast it arrives.. it is about you do what you say you will do.
If you do.. you get a positive, if you don't and don't bother to provide an explaination so I can change my expectations you get a Negative.

I could care less how fast I get something.. If you say.. 6 weeks, and I send you the money.. then I agree to those terms. If is takes 8 weeks.. now you have broken the deal.

Communication is the key.. if you read all the "where is, Think i'v been screwed posts" it is not about how long something is taking.. it is always about. "My stuff is not here when he said it would be and now I can't find the guy".

When I do deals.. buying or selling... the terms are clear. and I hold to them, and I expect others to do the same, I'm reasonable.. if something comes up and the deal has to be changed, no problem, tell me, and then meet these new expectations.

The point of a trader rating system is to establish confidence in doing business with someone you don't know. Trader ratings quantify reputation, Reputation is based on .. mostly one thing, do you do what you say you will do? If you do.. you get positive ratings, and a good rep, if you don't you should get negative ratings and a bad rep.

It is really, pretty clear cut.
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