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Exclamation Airsoft, filmmaking, legislative hell and need of help from you nice guys!

Hi you all,

First post so I'll rant a bit before I get down to business.

I've been prowling around and getting informed for quite some time about firearms. Although evil, I find firearms a fascinating piece of engineering and design. I like guns, but I don't like to see people hurt by guns (More than they consented to be that is. A little friendly bruise from an airsoft never killed someone correctly protected.)

That said, guns now meet the major driving force and motivation in my life : filmmaking.

Here begin a slow and painful descent towards legislative hell I believe. :banghead:

As our term project, we are shooting a 15 minutes short film. The film is about a war photographer that sees a woman that looks like someone he knew from the time back when he covered the 1987 intifada. It's a love story. As the movie goes on, we explore the main character's past and discover he always was a passive individual. At some point, there is a scene where one of his photographer collegues gets shot down because he is seen taking pictures by an israeli soldier after curfew.

We need an israeli soldier, with a rifle. We don't see the man getting shot.

Where the big problems come is that we need this to be ABSOLUTELY legal. We are shooting around 7 'o clock in the evening in an alley that's pretty close to downtown. We can get permits to shoot (film) over there, but authorisation to carry a "firearm replica"? That I don't know how to do that. :-?

I've e-mailed to the canadian firearms thing bureau a year ago (for another movie) and I've been answered with absolutely useless information two months ago. I need help understanding the legal implications here and how to get this settled quick. We start shooting on november fifth. :cry:

Aditionnally, I need a friendly soul that lives in the Montreal area and owns an appropriate complete suit with rifle to volounteer to play in our film. We offer free hot coffee and doughnuts to participants!

Please save me, my two friends (we were four at the beginning, but our production director(esse) cought a mononucleosis! :banghead: )

The King of No Eyes.
The King of No Eyes
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