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it's tough to test the consistancy of diameter without spending some time with a micrometer and lots of bb's. however a good and simple test is to take a bb between the jaws of a set of pliers and apply some pressure to see what happens. try it with a few different brands at the same time and observe the results. some may fracture in large pieces, some may basically turn to powder and some may not break but dent and deform. i would opt to use the ones that don't break at all. another not so scientific test is put a bb in your mouth and suck on it like a candy. sounds rediculous, but some bb's i've used have a coating on them that makes them smooth, rather than being precision ground. this coating will come off very quickly and sometimes you can feel casting seams. i wouldn't use bb's that do this as they are cast rather than ground and this may be a source of problems. if i'm not mistaken, ksc is supposed to have the equipment to do precision grinding, or so i've heard. this should make for the best bb's. basically i would avoid cast bb's (some you can readily see the seams on) and stick to precision ground bb's. it seems dumb that guys would invest in an aeg, spend tons upgrading it and use crappy bb's. it's like buying a ferrari and putting regular unleaded in it. i say stick to quality bb's and your pretty much gauranteed not to have problems.
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