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Meeting, not meeting expectations

For me.. it is all about meeting expectations.

when buying.. if I say I will buy something.. I am poised over the "send money" button at my on line banking site. It goes within the hour that I say I will buy it, cause the deal is not real till the money is in the bank.

when selling, you are posting it for sale.. it should be ready to go.. whatever it is. Or you should set reasonable expectations as to when it will be sent.

If you tell me , "I will send it next week, as I am too tied up to get to the PO till next Tuesday... so you will get it at the latest the Tuesday after that", you have established an expectation on my part. if it shows up on the wednesday.. fine.. within reasonable parameters of expectation..If it does not show up and I have to rattle your chain to get you to send the item.. that is not yours anymore, to it's new owner.. well you get a negative.

If it is crawling up on the expectation date.. and you PM me and say.. "look I have to amend the shipping date.. you will get it the end of the week.. I had something come up that got in my way" I have new expectations.. and as long as you meet them.. you still get a positive..
Pull that twice.. you get a neutral, three times.. well now you're jerkin me and you get a negative.

pretty simple, Hold to the deal.. you get a positive, don't hold to the deal and make me chase you to get my stuff... you get a negative.

Jerk me around.. take my money and never send the stuff... well that is something well outside of a trader rating system.
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