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Originally Posted by kymoz
Originally Posted by DanQuayle
3. Sitting in your backyard and taking 30 seconds to line up your shots does nothing for in-game accuracy. Put cans at various angles from a tree, and then pop in and out hitting the cans as effeiciently as possible.
I strongly discourage this practice (not the "spot on" exercise). Shooting in your backyard is no good idea, unless if you live in country with your closest neighbour at 10km. Only one complaint to the police from a neighbour and your dead meat. And if you were unfortunate enough to blow up a kid's eye by accident with a BB, you would spent the rest of your life paying for this accident, added with eternal remorse of what you did to that kid.

Those are the risks you are taking. Now, think.

I suppose I made the mistake of assuming others lived in the middle of nowhere as I did. Okay, do it SOMEWHERE SAFE, kids. But seriously, 10 km... can you even hear the bb's from 2 km?

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