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yeha late shipping definitly does NOT require negative feedback IMO. As previously mentioned, much more goes into shipping, but there are so many other factors invoved. such as the current situation at Centerpoint mall causing a delay in the shipping my my G36 to a RELIABLE trader.

Recently hte PO at centerpoint mall in Toronto got flooded really nastily, and the storefront was heavily damaged. New floors, walls and roof have been installed, and the storefront that the PO was in has lost much stock. After bringing my G36 there to ship to Mb, I was quoted $63.44 for expresspost to MB, with 800 in insurance. Thats re-fucking-diculous, so i go home, and the next day I go to the PO in newtonbroke mall, where i pay a much more reasonable 33.28 for shipping, including insurance.

i know this is a specific occurance, but in all honesty, wierd shit like this happens a LOT when dealing with the PO, and there are just other factors involved that can delay shipping. Such as running out of Brown paper, or packing tape.

Shipping should be given a few days of leniency so long as the seller/trader stays in commo with the buyer/trader. The one thing that naggs the hell out of me with sellers that I will start giving a nutral rating for is not providing a tracking number. Its not hard, its on the RECIEPT that they gave you when you shipped it "the other day", so take 30 sec and post it.

Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe black mesa... THAT WAS A JOKE, ha ha, fat chance.

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