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Yes, agree, Flakes on deals, deserve neutral as there was really no deal without the money changing hands.

But I disagree with neutral for late shipping, If you say you will ship it today.. and you ship it next week after I bug you about it.. You broke the terms of the agreement, and deserve a negative

Then... the system will work, people will know if they don't stick to the terms of their agreements they will suffer a bad rep.

What has to stop is the practice of waiting to see what the other guy says before you post your feedback.

Sellers should post as soon as they get their money. Buyers after they get their goods.

When deals go sour.. and don't carry through, then the seller should note a neutral because the buyer flaked.

If I paid up front.. at the agreed time, in the agreed manner, and you don't ship in the agreed time in the agreed manner, and give me a negative, or neutral because I gave you a negative.. that is abuse of the rating system and according to the stated guidelines.. your account should be deleted.
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