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If something does happen in the middle of a transaction ( a death in the family, sickness, what have you ) there is no reason they can't inform the buyer the shipment will be delayed X amount of days until family buisness is taken care of. Or....buckle down and get the significant other to ship it asap. I have had my wife ship out many, many items when I couldn't get to the PO due to work or school. If there has ever been a delay I let the buyer know ASAP and that way they know when, where and why.

For one person to be waiting is one thing....but here we have FOUR people waiting...and waiting....and...yeah...still waiting.

I've contacted her to get these issues fixxed pronto.

Just to note, for others that are dragging their heels on deals, that the admin and moderation staff are now starting to get involved. When these issues crop up and continue, users WILL find that their buy/sell privlages will be revoked.

What we here would like to see are transactions going smooth, if life happens ( as it sometimes does....) then COMMUNICATE with those involved in the transaction. There is no reason why deals should take a month(s) to complete. None.
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