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My opinion

I have not done that many deals.. 3 I think.. every one without a hitch.

But in my opinion if the deal does not go down as agreed, then there is a breach of contract and a negative feedback should be entered.

For example, I send the money, you say you will ship the item today. I get nothing in the expected time.. I contact you, you say "oh, well I have not shipped it yet, but I will today.

That is grounds for a negative feedback.
Full stop.

Negatives should not be reserved for "rip off" situations.. People who do not fullfill their contracts, should have a "do not trade" tag added to their profile.

Flaking out on a deal.. as in saying you will buy something but dragging your feet on paying, is grounds for a "neutral" rating as there is no contract until money has been exchanged.
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