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Originally Posted by DanQuayle
There are three things noobs need to know for airsoft.
1. Know who is on your team, and shoot everyone else without hesitation.
2. If you think someone sees you or someone's out there, they are, and hit the deck.
3. Sitting in your backyard and taking 30 seconds to line up your shots does nothing for in-game accuracy. Put cans at various angles from a tree, and then pop in and out hitting the cans as effeiciently as possible.

point #3 is spot on

another tip:

If you don't have strong legs (gotta build my leg muscles for CQC). Spend a few minutes sprinting less than 5 meters from tree to tree and crouch, when you are out jogging or better yet when you are out doing interval runs. Of course i run through forested areas on my jogs so it does not look suspicious.

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