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Originally Posted by Fulcrum77
Originally Posted by demco11
wow, I dident know there was like 5 different crouching positions, and there is a special tactict in breathing now too? For noobs just stick to what works best for them, spray and pray.

Actually, yes. Breathing Control
Best is to shoot in between breath cycles, in between the exhale and the next inhale. My dad tried to teach me the let half out, hold it and shoot, and that I always found to be hard, so I learned the inbetween and it worked better. Then recently I found out that most shooting clinics in the US for real steel, inlcuding long range shooting, teach this method as well, as there is less to focus on when making your shot, and squeezing the trigger while you are most relaxed is best. Same as trying to keep the non-dominant eye closed while looking through the scope, it gets tiring and after a bit (or, if like me, anytime it's done) is another thing to focus on doing, keeping that eye from opening. Luckily I can keep both eyes wide open when looking through a scope of any power and mentally shut the images from my left eye off to about 10%, so I can still have full peripheral vision and movement spotting with both eyes while shooting.
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