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Paintball fuckin' rocks. You just have to be into it. =D

As for those airguns...

Anyone who owns the current Walther PPK/S (blowback .177 bb's)... might be interested to know that there's been another .177 blowback released, and it looks really nice.

It's a slightly more efficient, more comfortable, and (IMO) a much nicer looking plinker, of similar style and function to the first PPK/S from Umarex/Walther...

You can find it here (a good canadian retailer from what I can tell... I bought a nice B&S pneumatic from them, and the service was great).

For the exact page with the walther products (for you lazier people) :

- <-- you'll have to scroll down a bit. It's the 12th gun down, the CP99 compact (otherwise you'll be looking at the 8-shot rotary pellet CP99s)
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