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Originally Posted by silent_lemon
Originally Posted by Hristo
Gandar, you are mistaken.
and an elaboration on that would be..... :tup:
Well, I've seen it posted on this forum in different places that 007 is located in Edmonton, and that its synonymous with Airsoft Kelowna, and since I can add to this, I will. What I can tell you as a customer who visits Ken on a regular basis is that 007 is in Calgary and is run from his home part-time. He has a room set-up like a shop to have people over to check things out and maintains a pretty decent selection for such an operation. He answers mail faster than any other airsoft retailers I've dealt with and occasionally puts the site on hiatus while he catches up on repairs, upgrades and inventory because he IS 007 airsoft, and he's earned two degrees in the background. Not a bad trick.
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