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Originally Posted by DEA
Droc, anyone who knows us here at Rangers or DEA knows there is no big secret, and we have said it before. Before making assumptions, it is public information you can get very easily, as both Rangers Airsoft Corp. and Double Edge Inc. .

Airsoft Alliance Canada...

an alliance of companies.. to acheive economy of scale.. and to reduce expenses by reducing duplicated business processes.

You see this sort of thing all the time.. the most obvious example is the Airline industry.

No conspiracy... just good business,

And great companies to work with...

I buy all my stuff through Rangers... and I strongly recommend everyone else that I introduce to Airsoft do the same.

You find a good supplier.. you stick with them... rather than going with the cheapest guy out there every time.
Even if you pay a little more.. it pays back long term.
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