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Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Dman i'd be happy to help you - give me the tel number of the guy who's giving you an issue and i'll call him right now. Just give me the details.

The whole point of this thread isn't to make fun of anyone's situation - it's really a joking way to point out that these sorts of threads are getting WAY out of control. What's the core of the issue here in all of this? Poor communications? False expectations? And why is this dirty laundry being hung for everyone in the community to see?

Makes us all feel like a bunch of pirates fucking eachother over, a situation where no one trusts anyone, and that whole 'trust me with your life but not your money or your wife' sort of deal. There's over 5 threads this month on this!!

I'm by no means saying that you shouldn't bring this sort of behaviour to someone's attention, but at the same time, use due dilligence. There's a million reasons why someone would not answer their phone/email/PM. By no mean's give anyone more than the benefit of the doubt - but if it gets to this - call the guy. It makes all the difference. Or talk to his team mate/friend/mother....mmmm, mother....sorry...

Cheers, and best of luck.
I understand where you are coming from, and the point of this thread. I'm sorry I sounded a bit more harsh that I meant to. I also agree there is a trend occuring now, and that it's getting rather pitiful seeing that the general discussion forums seems to be simply filled with these kind of thread.

I've PM'd you regarding the details of the sour deal.

Thanks again.
- "dman"
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