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Originally Posted by airgunfun
Holy smokes, give peace a chance...I just joined up today. Until today, I thought airsoft was dead and buried in Canada due our retarded laws....except for the clear plastic junk you see at Canadian Tire. I'm kind of bewildered by what's available.

No need to be so aggressive.....I come virtually unarmed.
Airsoft is far from dead. Take a look at the galleries and some of the team webpages.. I assure you that it's not only alive and well.

It combines an interest in real firearms (which I assume you have), with the ability to actually shoot people with them, and not end up in jail (which I assume is ALSO something you can identify with). Airguns for most of us remove one of those aspects and so aren't as interesting. And painball.. well paintball is just messy.

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