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Droc, anyone who knows us here at Rangers or DEA knows there is no big secret, and we have said it before. Before making assumptions, it is public information you can get very easily, as both Rangers Airsoft Corp. and Double Edge Inc. are legal registered incorporated companies that are owned by different people. We simply realize that it's easier to work together as opposed to working against each other. When you have people such as Jackson from Rangers and Roger from M1 Airsoft, whom I personally know, and trust 100%, then why would you not work together, to try and make the airsoft community better for all of you? We share resources, as it's a smart business decision. We are all in the same City, and they are all completely trustworthy, so why would we not?

As for your earlier comment about most of the guns in Canada coming from Peter..... I may have agreed with that comment 5 years ago, but much has changed since then, and today, I can assure you that comment may no longer be very accurate.

Anyways, just happened to see this post, and although I have posted this up on ASC before, it appears that not everyone saw or heard about it, so Yes, Rangers, M1 Airsoft and DEA are all seperate companies, owned by seperate owners, and YES, they are located in the same city, and work very closley together simply as a business strategy to share costs, and give the airsoft community better service.
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