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Originally Posted by dman
Funny guys. But seriously, what would you say is the solution when someone takes you money and doesn't respond for 2 weeks? I'm actually in this situation right now, and guess what the next action is on my list.

Unfortunately, it seems that posting the individual's name/username on the general discussion boards, is the only way for some to actually send off the goods that people have paid for long ago. And most of the time, it's not a problem with shipping, it's that the people are not responding back after they have accepted the money.

What should I do? It's 1 day short of 2 weeks, since I have sent an ASC member money for a package deal on some CADPAT pouches worth over $100. Before I sent the money, communication was fast, and easy. Since I sent him the EMT, I have not heard back. But he has taken my EMT alright, and disappeared. I really shouldn't say disappeared, he's still logging onto ASC quite regularly, just chooses not to read my PM's, or Emails. Now, am I just supposed to sit quietly here with my thumb up my ass and hope that he's going to suddenly change his mind?

I think we can all agree that would never happen. So what should one do, if posting in the general discussion for help is only gonna get you flamed and mocked? The problem is not the people getting screwed, it's the fact that members are regularly not following through with deals anymore.

(Sorry for the small rant, but it annoys me to see people mocking someone who is being taken advantage of within the community.)
Sorry to hear about your predicament, I'm patiently waiting for something I paid for three weeks ago yesterday and supposedly it got sent out last week, and still nothing, and the seller is difficult to get ahold of at times.

Anyways, you DO happen to realize that the poster of this thread, lt_poncho, is looking for, well, lt_poncho? He's trying to find himself, this is a joke thread, nothing more, and I doubt he got screwed over by himself. When people need to get ahold of someone regarding a sale, they post on here asking if anyone knows why no communication is happening, and in those cases 90% of posters offer info, not flames. Maybe the occasional joke, but still.........
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