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systemas are ok but their cold weather performance is mediocre(mags jam) and extra mags are like $100 or so each and they're a bitch to load if you lose the loading adapter. but their are none built as well the systema. i really dislike the the build quality of the g&g. they're all flash in the outside but closer inspection on the inside and at the internals shows that they put the absolute cheapest possible parts on the inside and put it all together very shoddily. the gr-16's i've repaired (not the a3 though) just make me shake my head. and the umg i fixed wasn't much better. try g&p or ics (i've got nothing but raves and praises for those guys) and i here classic army is doing good since they fixed up their old gearbox issues, but i rarely come across ca anymore. g&p makes the m16a3 spr/a which is a kick ass gun and ics makes the m16a3 with olympic arms trade marks and the 2-part mechbox. both good guns and either would would make a good primary weapon.
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