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REVIEW: Tokyo Mauri M19 4 inch Combat Revolver

So I went to Pacific Mall and I had 335 Dollars in my wallet...I would still have 335 if I hadn't ventured into Kuramae. Once inside the people at Kuramae used their laid back sales skills(which means I started doing the talking) and sold me the M19. Don't get me wrong the gun actully costs like 290 but I ran out of green gas and I didn't feel like waiting for a propane adaptor so I wasted my money on a bottle. Ok if you don't like long assed stories please just skip down to the ginormous letters that say review


GUN: Tokyo Mauri M19 4inch Combat Revolver
Capacity: 24 Rounds (4 rounds per shell and 6 non removable shells)
FPS: 240 or so
Powered by Green gas/Propane
Action: Single action or double action however pulling back the hammer manually is recommended for better accurcy but I see no point in doing so because you have 24 rounds
BB: 0.2g Precesion Ground (none of them crap BBs)

When I got the gun and I held it I was impressed by the weight. However I felt that the magazine or whatever you call the spinning thing to be too plasticy and I expected that part to be metal. The plastic fantastic "pro grips" are a little loose after the green gas is inserted making the metal shrink a bit. I love the detail on the non removable shells in the mag that are stamped S&W .357 in silver. Ohh silver bullets. The gun has no safety feature but keep in mind that when the mag is out you will not be able to pull the trigger.

Here comes the fun part. Firing this gun is a breeze compared to my old NBB because the force to pull the trigger is soo light. You could compare the trigger to an AEG trigger and the AEG trigger feels a little harder. Aside from that I'm able to plink from 20 Ft away and hit the bulls eye no problem using 0.2 gram BBs. By the way I got like 10 Target sheets wtf is up with that. Thats a lot of target papers. Oh well I love the speed of this gun actully I can fire it faster then my old NBB. However you can't compare this to the G18C but the capacity is pretty impressive. Loading is a bitch though because you have to load six seperate shells that are in the magazine.

Pros: Light trigger
Good Gas Milage (50 shots per gas fill)
Nice detail of shells
Sexyness level of 11 on a scale of 10
If you grow a mustache and wear ray bans you could look like a 70s cop

Cons: You look like a 70s cop
Loading is a bitch
Kind of light and the magazine should not be plastic

Yeah i found out there was a demand for this review back in 2004...
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