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Originally Posted by Digital_Assasin
So to get it to work properly I have to rebuild the electrical system and other bits?

I think I will stick with TM, you know AEGs that actually work out of the box.
No, if you want it to shoot over 300fps you can modify it to that.

Do people not read anymore?

There is nothing wrong with the gun out of the box (mine was just jammed because some newb put it together) infact mine is still stock and it shoots great, I wish I had a video camera, i'd record it, it put dents in my shed and can shread through a big tomato in seconds (I did this in my mothers garden today)

I dont disagree that a TM isnt better, it probably is, but it also costs twice as much.

however seeing as this gun is a copy of the TM, there are slight differences but nothing major.
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