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My UTG MP5 Review

Well as some of you know, I finally got my gun, it is the UTG MP5
I think I am the first one in Ontario to get one, lol, I've been getting emails from people asking about quality and so on, so I thought I'd do a little review on here.

I cant say much about how it got across customs seeing as I'll probably do it again since I like this gun so much. UTG is coming out with an AK-47 if its any good I will be buying that too.

But here is my review of the UTG MP5

My very first shot jammed the gears, the problem was the anti-reverse mechanism was not installed properly, no biggie.

I took the gun apart and fixed the problem, I noticed the internals were very solid and well made, metal gears and gear box just like the one you see on

I did notice the O ring and wiring suck, I will be replacing the O ring and wires this week sometime, I'll try to do a nice writeup.
I plan to move the battery to the back of the stock, the full stock is already made to house a battery, it comes with a cement block for proper weight distribution.

The retractible stock has metal rails, it is pretty cool but not practical when you need to use a bigger battery.

I use mine as a paperweight on my desk.

I plan to completely remove the wiring going to the foregrip since I dont like the idea of the battery sitting there, it is a pain in the butt to clip the foregrip inplace when the battery is in there becaue of all the wiring that gets in the way.

What I will be doing is running the wires directly from the motor, up the grip and towards the back of the gun to the stock, this shortens the wiring quite a bit therefore there is less resistance. I will file down the cement block to fit the front foregrip and secure it for good.

Anyway, enough with the plans I'll do some writeups later, lets get to more of the review.

The Body of the gun is very solid ABS plastic, the only thing that I noticed was that the mags flex from side to side a little bit, but that dosnt even concern me, they clip in real solid with a good feel, the locking mechanism is all metal and looks pretty damn solid.

The trigger of the gun feels good too, it does not take much effort or travel to fire off rounds.

the selector switch could have been made a bit better, but it still clicks in good between firing modes and has a solid feel to it. I am just worried about the screw that holds it in place, its a small screw and I didnt want to overtighten it, so I hope its tight enough and I dont lose the selector.

the hop up mechanism works well, although I dont notice a big difference in the direction of the BB's even when I mess around with it, the gun is pretty accurate too, I can nail a beer bottle from 30 feet away with .12G BB's because of how light the .12 is it wont want to go straight for long. I had a few handfulls of .20g and wow, they shoot much better and faster.

Now I know what youre thinking, and I agree, do not use .12g, however I had a few thousand rounds of German Made .12's (from Germany) I checked a handfull out under a magnafier and could not see any seams, they came to about 5.98mm in diamiter when measured with a digital caliper.

DO NOT USE .12g BB's OF POOR QUALITY IN THIS GUN. YOU WILL RUIN THE GUN. Infact dont use .12g at all, they suck.

The inner barrel of this gun is made out of metal, the outer barrel casing is plastic as is the muzzle. you can actually thread in a silencer since the tip comes off.

The low cap star mag that came with the gun (Shorty USA special) sucks, it only holds 30 rounds, half of which make it all the way to the hop up, the hicap mags that came with the gun are pretty decent, I've been using them most of the time since 30 rounds is nothing when youre on full auto.

The gun comes with a clawmount, it dosnt fit, dont ask, I think you have to be Jesus to get this thing on, I tried many times, failed and gave up.

here are some pics of the gun. it has an overall solid feel, the weight is proper, it isnt too heavy yet dosnt feel like a toy.

The sidearm is the gun I got sent from Germany, its a .5 joule pump gun.

The release and lock mechanism, all metal.

That is the cement block wrapped in tape, this is where the new battery will be located.

This is why I am moving the battery to the full stock, what a mess and trust me its a pain.

The silicone Oil I used, this stuff work good

Nothing more than a paperweight :wink:

Things you'll need when you buy this gun:

-New O-ring, you can find one at Home Depot.

-Silicone Oil, you can use W15 RC Car Shock Oil.

-Wiring like the type used in the above ArniesAirsoft thread, I think its 16 gauge silicone wiring, lets just say the more expensive it is the better.

-Small Screwdriver set, the tiny ones, they come in handy when taking apart small things like Airsoft gun components.

That is it for now, you might consider a bigger battery like a 8.4v 1600Mah or a 9.2V and a better spring, I think I'm going to go with the M100, should get me over 300FPS, and get better accracy.

There are alot of upgrades you can do for cheap on this gun, it is a great first gin for people new to airsoft that just wanna have some fun.

I hope you found my Review Informative and thank you for your time.

Take care.
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