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Problem with Green Igor

I was wondering who knew some contact info they could get me regarding getting a hold of Green Igor. I will show you the timeline of the events on this purchase. The item is a pair of used T-800 bolle tactical goggles.

08-10-2005 Contacted Green Igor about getting the Bolle Goggles

08-12-2005 Got a PM back from her stating that she had recieved my money and will send the next monday.

08-26-2005 Sent her a PM asking what happened with the shipping

09-02-2005 She replied saying that she forgot and will send this weekend

09-21-2005 Sent a PM again about the when she sent the goggles

09-25-2005 She responded saying that she would check with her husband who sent the item and get back to me tomorrow.

09-30-2005 Sent her another PM ask again the status

10-06-2005 Sent her a PM asking her to respond ASAP about when she shipped the goggles

10-12-2005 She has responded to my PM and She is outof town will get back to me on this matter, next week

I believe I have been very patient with her regarding this issue. She hasn't given me a reason besides she forgot. She has no negative feedback. Just the one issue earlier this year with family issues. Pls if anybody should be able to contact Green_Igor or get me the contact info I would grateful.

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