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Hey, the account wasnt erik_nickolson was it? (or the name wasnt similar to that) becsue if it was, it was most defenatly someone I know from school. He got banned from asc about 6 months ago for creating a fake account (airsoftfaggot), and then just last week he tried logging onto asc and he was no longer banned, so he created a new account using erik_nickolson (thats my real name) So if a admin wants to delete that account, please do it, oh and do a ip ban from his computer becasue he wont be playing airsoft anytime soon (but make sure you get the right ip this time, becase last time he was banned I got banned too, becasue I have signed on asc from his computer before. Sending around gay pictures of men doesnt sound like something he would do, he would most likely go around making dumb threads and maby tell some people off.

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