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Originally Posted by Primus
Originally Posted by KwokwaiWu
I remember the "oh $^*t!" from behind the meeting room door when they heard your gas gun firing up as well as those guys one-hand racking your shotgun with the cracked outer again, and again and again with the silly grins on their faces...
Guess in who's closet that shotgun is in right now
LOL!!! You inherited my M870???!!! No way!!

Get this - I got that gun thru BLACKFOX - he got it at a store in Japan for me, then shipped it back when he got back. I hooked that thing up to CO2 as soon as I got it, blew a few holes in the wall (10 bbs x 120 PSI = ka-boom) then blew out the poor seals. Fixed it up since then, but then everyone who saw it kept pulling a Terminator with it and it finally cracked the barrel.
I think MADMAX/Carl is the only one who's got an M870 running the way one should. CO2 bay-bee!!!
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