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Originally Posted by Droc
Originally Posted by Lisa
Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Airsoft World and XP are two completely different operations.
My mistake, I was on the understanding both were the same.

not like Double Edge Airsoft and Rangers Airsoft huh?
Double Edge was around a long time ago, but they closed down for some reasons i'm not sure of. They then basically just did wholesaling and importing for Rangers. Then Double Edge came back as a retailer. So no, they aren't exactly the same. They both had the same people or group design their websites, but they are owned by different people. And as for Airsoft Kelowna and 007, i'm not sure about that. I don't think they are the same though. I'm sure Ken is kept busy with just 007 that he doesn't need to open up another website to get more business. It could be perhap the same as Rangers and DE. That 007 is just supplying Airsoft Kelowna. I don't know for sure, so I won't say anymore on that. As for airsoft retailers in Canada being a monopoly, well I don't think that's right either. It depends on which province you are in though. I've noticed the majority of retailers that are operating right now, or open up and then close down after a while are located in the prairie provinces. 007, Rangers, DE, K-2, M1, and Replikator, just off the top of my head. Vancouver has two retailers that I know of, Spec Arms and XP. Ontario has a few, mostly Tru and Six MM that I can name. And one in the maritime provinces. All of these retailers are owned seperately to my knowledge. Some of them act as suppliers to other retailers, but I wouldn't call that a monopoly. The ones that do act as suppliers are just doing it to make some extra cash and help out other retailers to supply more airsoft to the community. There isn't a lot of profit is retailing airsoft, plus most retailers do it as a part time thing. It's a lot of work to run a retail shop and have a life outside of airsoft.

As for XP, well i've never dealt with them but have heard stories both good and bad about Peter. I've dealt with Jun who apparently works there and can say it was a great experience dealing with him. So if anyone wants to order from XP, deal with Jun. He's nice. :salute:

That is all I have to say. I'm sure nothing I said made any sense or had anything to do with the topic, in fact i can't even remember what topic this is. Where's all the gaijin pics???
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