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I guess I missed a lot of incidents since I never seen/heard about any of those weapons siezed. I do remember a story about 2-3 years ago where some 15y.o kid got an "AK" shipped from states, there was a big stink about it in the papers. There was a guy holding it and "Siezed AK assault rifle" on the bottom. I still have a pic somewhere. Somebody made a mistake that time, it was actually a Saiga 12 gauge shotgun, not an AK Btw, you gotta check the names before posting them. I think you meant AVS 36 not SVS, SVT39 not 40 (there was 38 and 40 model). Kind of hard to believe that too many AVS rifles made it here since there was only about 40k of them made if I'm not mistaken, most of use was during the war with Finland in 1940, it ended up being replaced by SVT40 pretty fast. I only held/seen AVS once. Original Russian made TT 33s are pretty hard to find as well. Mostly Chinese and Korean models are on US market these days, same story with SKS carbines, mostly Yugo and Chinese made.
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