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Originally Posted by Lisa
If it was a truely legitimate business they wouldn't have to operate under various different names (Airsoft world, Xtreme Precision, etc).
No offense Lisa but that is such a load of bullshit. Seeing that posted above only declares to the rest of us how misinformed you and many others are. Bad form - that's a blanket assumption.

How many here have the history and facts on how Asia Pacific (APEC) came to be Xtreame Precision? Yes they have had their problems, yes they screwed a few many things up - and I can count a few more retailers that have done the same. Ironically they are not on the 'let's lynch and burn this guy' list of ASC trends and fads.

Don't take me the wrong way either - i'm not trying to defend anything but the FACTS which comprise the truth. Most of which get DELETED in threads that are all too often LOCKED and shut down because the discussions get too 'heated' - oh my! Dare things get a little controversial?!!??!

What qualifies a business to be truely legitimate?? Continual branding? When did Oil, Gas, Insurance and so many other corporate businesses become exempt to this. Most insurance companies operating in Canada over the past 50 years have gone thru at least 10 name changes, merger, rebranding or otherwise. Incidentially they were issued TWO GST#'s by the CRA after incorporation - one to each name.

Airsoft World and XP are two completely different operations.
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