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delt with him many times, all good. Always deals, always fast.

Everyone seemed to jump on the "hate kang" bandwagon.
Just rember who imports the majority of airsoft in this country. From what I understand, he imports airsoft and sells to Canadian like it or not, even now, most of the guns you buy in Canada at one point, came from Peter Kang.
Say what you will, if you want something, he is the man to deal with, cant argue there, and thats not a biased oppinion, im simply not joining the ASC hatewagon that shunned a long time member of our airsoft community because another retailers tells us to, and saying hes a bad retailer because of a few bags of unsent BBs isnt right. For all the things that have gone wrong, much more has gone right.
For the most part, we deal almost exclusivly with Peter. If you want something rare, he can get it, and almost always at lower prices then anyone else in the country.
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