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Man I started collecting airsoft in late '99. Signed up to ASC in '00 or '01 I think, on the ooollldd boards. Got the confirmation email, but couldn't get the confirmation code to work when signing in, figured i'd wait a while and try again later. Well I completely forgot, then one day a year later, I found that email while cleaning out all my old emails. Tried the code again and it work, that started me on ASC. Although that was my old nickname. I changed it after ASC changed servers and created a new look. Man I can't even remember what the old ASC looked like. Bought a used MP5 off the boards, which turned out to be broken. Then started playing at PBC games hosted by SD-Unit with akamikee. As for '96, well that predates me. But after hearing several stories from people like Gump, Wildcard and Ryan Clark about the old AMC vs. Hot Shots games i'm somewhat glad I missed those days. I do remember trying to visit AMC, only to find out it closed up a year earlier, they just never took their website down..
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