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Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
You lads are too freakin soft. Not mentioning any names, but I think when someone pays for an item the seller should leave a bloody positive rating immediately. They got the money already, from my point of view, they completed their end of the agreement. I hate this waiting to see how they rate you bullshit. They do their part, give them a proper rating - no waiting BS.
I agree with you fully on that.

At one point, I used to think as the statement below:

Originally Posted by Groombug
I make it point to never leave any feedback of any sort until the transaction is entirely complete - that is to say, if I was selling, I'd wait until I hear actual confirmation of the buyer receiving the item I sold them and that they are satisfied with it. Likewise, I don't leave feedback until I have actually received an item I purchased and am satisfied with the transaction.
Technically, the buyer's part is indeed complete. Any grievances after that are strictly a post-purchase (customer service) issue and counts towards nothing in terms of the actual buying process. To buy, means to pay money in exchange for something. Money talks, you paid, you bought, B+.

Though, this now questions the "how do you get B- ?" ratings. I say that we should be able to assign negative buyer ratings to people who flake, or something like the following scenario:
In some kind of written agreement, you trusted a fellow airsofter and sent him the item in advance before payment (god knows why), but then he was unable to pay you - either cuz he flaked out, or suddenly skipped town thus stealing from you.

This leads to the Neutral rating. Lets say Mr. Flaker receives your item. But is decent enough to send it back to you. This would seem like business that became non-business. You as the seller have nothing good to say, yet nothing bad to say because he didn't exactly take it and run. A neutral rating awarded for buyer. Same goes for neutral seller. He takes your money, but wants to keep the item. Gives you your refund.

Makes sense right?
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