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Originally Posted by Conscript
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I took the marine base single handedly during the fullfield day game at FR. I spent a good 45min flanking the base through the forest and getting chewed alive by mosquitos.
I did that during a night game there too, completly blind from goggle fog. Then I proceeded to get into a firefight with my own team who had come over to see who took the base.
No but I have to give props to Ricious because he fended off alot of people, like it was the most sneakiest thing I have ever seen, my respect level for him just jumped after he took us over.
I fended of a lot of branches. And one of those barrels.

At one point, there was someone else in the bush with me. We were about 10 feet away from each other, and knew each other were there. I guess neither one of us wanted to ask the other what team they were on and give away thier position. We just went on our way.
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