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Originally Posted by pestobanana View Post
I have seen this thread come up so many times I may go out of my way and make a writeup one of these days...

Krytac is not billet, I have no idea where you got that idea from. BenG I think you should get some more first hand experience before you start preaching so much. Krytac also has a shitty paint job, it scratches as soon as it touches a hard surface.

VFC is cast aluminum finished via CNC machining. I suspect Krytac would be the same. I used to work for the only Krytac dealer in Canada, I am now a partner with VFC Canada.

Krytac does not "walk all over VFC". Krytac has better wiring, better MOSFET, slightly better motor, but it still has shitty magnets. I have seen Krytac gears strip, I have seen Krytac gears come apart, I have also seen defective hop up assemblies.

Krytac is still a good contender for best AEG out of the box, but it is not a landslide by any means. It is also not that proprietary, you can put pretty much anything standard in the gearbox.

I have never seen a VFC gear set strip by itself, and I've worked on over 100 of them. VFC has a better air seal, more durable gear set, FAR BETTER externals, I have also never seen a defective VFC hop up assembly, I have only seen users break the old clear plastic ones.
I own a krytac and a VFC 416 not sure which hand i have to touch them with first to get some first hand experiance, I mentioned earlier that the neomagnets in the krytacs motor are synthetic, and where not the strongest, by anymeans but its a step in the right direction. Your right the first generation of krytac that I own is not a billet reciever, but I swear I read and can no longer find it that the new Mk2 line was making use of billet recievers, I stand corrected there. Ive yet to chip my paint as well despite having it fall down a flight of stairs and me landing on top of it The gears are hit and miss, like SHS bevels.... ill say that, mine have yet to fail and im going to be leaving the gearbox and motor stock until they do to see the limits of them.

Im also curious, how did the hop up units fail that you saw? id assume either the wheel popped off or the tail end of the arm that locks into the wheel snapped.
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I think that's the direction I should have gone with this one though.
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