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I have seen this thread come up so many times I may go out of my way and make a writeup one of these days...

Krytac is not billet, I have no idea where you got that idea from. BenG I think you should get some more first hand experience before you start preaching so much. Krytac also has a shitty paint job, it scratches as soon as it touches a hard surface.

VFC is cast aluminum finished via CNC machining. I suspect Krytac would be the same. I used to work for the only Krytac dealer in Canada, I am now a partner with VFC Canada.

Krytac does not "walk all over VFC". Krytac has better wiring, better MOSFET, slightly better motor, but it still has shitty magnets. I have seen Krytac gears strip, I have seen Krytac gears come apart, I have also seen defective hop up assemblies.

Krytac is still a good contender for best AEG out of the box, but it is not a landslide by any means. It is also not that proprietary, you can put pretty much anything standard in the gearbox.

I have never seen a VFC gear set strip by itself, and I've worked on over 100 of them. VFC has a better air seal, more durable gear set, FAR BETTER externals, I have also never seen a defective VFC hop up assembly, I have only seen users break the old clear plastic ones.
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