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Originally Posted by chaz View Post
Anything not VFC will give you chlamydia. Do you want chlamydia? Because that is how you get chlamydia!
I digress, VFCs recievers are cast aluminum, the krytacs are billet the krytac has a built in mosfet, neo motor and a rotary hop up that will take more then one bucking, quick change spring. It walks all over the VFC. Which has none of those but does have a weak tappet plate, and a motor that provides about as much torque as a hamster in a wheel, the hop up is rotary but is way to snug to accept anything other then the stock vfc bucking without some serious pursuation. Why would I still reqomend VFC? Because the downfall of the krytac is propriatary parts which means that the VFC can be upgraded to surpass pretty much anything. Also VFC makes a 416
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