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I would say the krytac if you dont plan on changing it, all the krytac requires is a hop up mod to make it a very above average gun, it has a mosfet and neo motor stock, billet aluminum receivers that make ptw users green.

on the other hand:

the VFC has cast aluminum recievers that are a little bit better then systemas, the internals are meh, and the motor specificly is terrible, arguably the worst ive ever had the displeasure of taking out of a gun, HOWEVER the krytac has propriatary components and that means your stuck with them and that means the VFC has the ability to become significantly better with upgrades if you have the right person do the mods!

so basicly it comes down to: above average performance for no work, or the best performance for alot of work. I should say that krytac and VFC will both shoot the same distance because you can mod the barrel groups exactly the same, the difference will be in the trigger and ROF, although the krytac is pretty quick even stock, and the krytac is very very easy to make into a DSG.
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I think that's the direction I should have gone with this one though.
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