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Krytac or VFC - For A Beginner Gun [Upgrade Friendly]

Hello Vetrans and Gun Dr ....

I am going to pull the plug and get a aeg riffle. I am caught between these three :

Krytac Full Metal Trident SPR Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black

VFC VR16 Fighter CQB

VFC VR16 Saber CQB

which one should i get - i am somewhat of a noob and then not a noob. I have read enough to narrow down what's best for me.
I looked into many and have read alot on here and other forums. I chose the two brand because they have good reviews for starter guns. Krytac has a good build and VFC is known to be very good external and internal. I will eventually upgrade my guns for performance. So gun plummers - which one should i get for upgrades and mods ?

Or do the vets suggest a different brand ?

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