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Originally Posted by Groombug
I make it point to never leave any feedback of any sort until the transaction is entirely complete - that is to say, if I was selling, I'd wait until I hear actual confirmation of the buyer receiving the item I sold them and that they are satisfied with it. Likewise, I don't leave feedback until I have actually received an item I purchased and am satisfied with the transaction.

This system of mine has worked flawlessly thus far. The only disadvantage would be that I sometimes forget to submit feedback or the other person doesn't and I forget. By and large, however, the system works.

In terms of negative or neutral feedback, I've been tempted to use it on several occasions, but the transactions generally get worked out. If an item is not to my satisfaction - that is, it doesn't match the description given prior to shipping - then I'd let the seller know and work from there. I've never had a problem as a seller, although I've made mistakes like delegating ship-out tasks to my girlfriend.

I think the only time I would leave negative feedback would be if something is horribly wrong and the other side refuses to or does not acknowledge the need to rectify the situation. I don't think I'd use neutral - it's too ambiguous and too politically correct.
I couldn't have written it better. This is the EXACT system I use. And as Groombug said, it works well.

Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
You lads are too freakin soft. Not mentioning any names, but I think when someone pays for an item the seller should leave a bloody positive rating immediately. They got the money already, from my point of view, they completed their end of the agreement. I hate this waiting to see how they rate you bullshit. They do their part, give them a proper rating - no waiting BS.

... and yes, once in awhile I have been guilty of forgetting about leaving a rating but I try to do so with every deal regardless.

There also seems to be a lot of flakes on here and they continually get away with shit. Why? You guys are too damn scared to leave a negative rating when due (why I have no bloody idea) so it enables these jackasses to continually mess with others. Perfect example ...
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You are right, however as you know, some people don't have the balls to get in touch with you if something is a miss. Also some people you can not satisfy, and this way it makes them keep in touch and try and work out any differences.

For instance I once sold a processor on eBay, the buyer said it didn't work and he was going to leave me a negative if I didn't reimburse him. I worked with him, told him to go and have it checked out, and if it was infact dead I'd pay for the check and reimburse what he payed me. He had it checked, turns out it was his motherboard that was fried. I got my positive, and I feel it is only because I didn't leave feedback until the deal is done.

The buyers obligations go farther than just paying, and feedback should only be left when the deal is finalized at both ends.

Just my 2 cents.

P.S. Marty would have gotten a visit, never mind the negative rating.
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