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lol YELLOW CAN? wow i always just though it was propane.

Side question how long should it take to fill a hi capa mag and a extended hi capa mag. I have a feeling something is wrong or i am doing something wrong.

Yes i watch the YouTube vids and vertical and all but for some reason while filling i always get leaks. The mag gets cold meaning its going in the mag but i fell i am losing a lot of gas due to leaks while filling.

do you push hard immediately down to fill or ease your way in and slowly put pressure.

As for Pistols - for you pros, do you see ppl doing well with just pistol or do you not see it often? or do you see ppl try and get completely destroyed

I have concluded Sniper idea is bad ... but still debating M4/SMG/Dulies/ Single pistol GOD (with team support)
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