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2 guns twice the funs... ? ;)

My youngest was running around the field with a pistol and some guy lent him his pistol while they were out there - my kid came off the field with the biggest smile after that game and saying how nice everyone at airsoft was. And he surprised a ton of guys who didn't think anyone was there. He had a blast and I wouldn't trade the world for it. I do think he will eventually grow to realize overall effectiveness in the long run will come from listening to those with more experience. I think I will try a game or two with 2 pistols, for shits and giggles, but it definitely won't be my default style of play. Every once in a while we get to be silly.

And great advice about the gas - I wasn't aware of that. I have to say though, I tend to top up the mag after every game, whether he shot a full mag or not. Is that not something folks would recommend? Should I be testing out each mag with a full green gas (propane) fill to see what my actual efficiency is? I don't have a chrony at home (yet) so all I would be able to tell is when it 'seemed' to be shooting slower.
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