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Literally EVERY new player to airsoft wants to be a sniper.

CQB is not the place for snipers.

I've been playing since late 2010 and JUST this season did I invest and mod/upgrade the hell out of a TM VSR-10 to use at milsim (RE: OUTDOORS) games and it has been a blast. But mind, I am not laying in wait, more "assault" sniper then anything else. Stalking can be fun, but I like to get more then two kills a game xD

I also carry a fully loaded TM Glock for when shit hits the fan.

For CQB I've always found a pistol works the best. Rifles tend to be unruly to get around corners and such with.

If I were you I would have two pistols, run with one, then when you are out and need to reload, just draw the other pistol and keep firing. Reload your primary pistol when you have the time/cover. Get a nice G-Code holster setup...and ditch the bulky plate carrier. I run a battle belt coupled with a HSGI shoulder harness to keep the wait off my hips.

High speed-low drag bruh.
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Is he a spambot or is he a francophone? I really can't tell the difference sometimes.
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This is one of the funniest things I've read.
Commandment 1 of LMGesus: Fuck getting kills. That's the job of your teammates, otherwise known as the cannon fodder. Your job is to be scary.
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